The Eliasz apartment is located in old tenement house, built in 1890 in Tarnow, visible below on the historical photo (the building in the background), at the Eliasz Goldhammer 5 street, hence also the name of the object.

Leaving the tenement house, we are in the Centre of Tarnow city, a perfect place to start exploring the local attractions, and a lot of them. For awakening your curiosity we are presenting some suggestions below.

St Martin Orthodox Church was built in fifteenth century, therefore we follow the trail of wooden architecture, plenteous and attractive.

Until today survived tens of wooden churches, the most beautiful symbols of fondness to religion and tradition. They are usually buildings raised in the framework technology, crowned high roofs, coated with shingles. The majority of them have towers from the west side and arcades, called soboty, which serve as asylums for pilgrims

Mauzoleum of General Jozef Bem in Strzelecki Park from 1929.

Polish and Hungarian national hero was born in Tarnow in house on the suburbs. In the register book of the cathedral parish is transcript of baptism Józef Bem and his date of his birth, 14th of March 1794. District Museum has in its collection memorabilia associated with general’s life and military activity during the November Uprising in Poland, on the exile in France, during the Springtide of Nations in Hungary, where he was an Transylvanian army commander and on the exile in Turkey, where he died on 10th 1850 in Aleppo.

Town Market of Tarnow and the local Old Town, called “the pearl of the Renessaince”  according the eminent art connoisseur.

The majestic parish church, splendid Town Hall, tenement houses from the sixteenth to the eighteenth century, astounding by curious architecture and rich polychrome create an unforgettable sight. Is also worth to see glorious tombstones in Cathedral Basilica and gorgeous aforetime ruins of Castle of Tarnowscy, towering over the city.